Correction of angular limb deformities in small animal patients can be challenging and begins with detailed planning of the correction which often involves a closing wedge ostectomy.  CrossCut guides assist the surgeon in executing the surgical plan accurately. The following steps are involved:

The basic application steps are the same; however, using SK® components makes frame construction much easier due to the ability to add or subtract clamps at any time and place multiple pin sizes directly through the pin-gripping bolt. In addition, the secondary bolt is designed to hold the clamp in place during pre-drilling and pin placement thus assuring that pins are accurately placed...

A versatile stifle distraction device, the Ventura Stifle Thrust Lever (VSTL)  is designed for use during open arthrotomy or arthroscopic stifle exploration to provide unimpeded, stable visualization of the medial stifle compartment.

Patient Size » Standard VSTL - 20 kg to 60 kg  |  Mini VSTL - <20 kg

Collateral ligament injuries are common in small animal patients. Traumatic injuries can result in tears of the ligaments, avulsions of ligament origins/insertions, or loss of ligaments from shearing injuries. Torn collateral ligaments are often sutured for primary reconstruction; however, due to the slow healing and remodeling of collateral ligament tears, it is common to utilize sutures and...

There are a number of popular surgical methods for maintaining reduction of coxofemoral luxations - use of the toggle pin method, ilio-femoral sutures to limit external rotation of the hip, and caudo-distal transposition of the greater trochanter.