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Using and Storing CrossCut
Wedge Osteotomy Guides

by IMEX Veterinary

Image courtesy of Derek Fox, DVM, DACVS – University of Missouri

Correction of angular limb deformities in small animal patients can be challenging and begins with detailed planning of the correction which often involves a closing wedge ostectomy. CrossCut guides assist the surgeon in executing the surgical plan accurately. The following steps are involved:

CrossCut Wedge Osteotomy Guide - Step 1

STEP 1 | First Osteotomy (Partial)

After proper planning of the deformity procedure, the deformity is surgically approached to include proper identification of the deformity location and orientation. The first osteotomy location is identified and partially osteotomized

CrossCut Wedge Osteotomy Guide - Step 2

STEP 2 | Size Selection & CrossCut Guide Placement

The proper angle and (+/-) version is selected and the smaller tab is placed into the osteotomy. Align the apex of the deformity and apex of the guide as desired. Optionally, a Kirschner wire can be placed for additional support.  

CrossCut Wedge Osteotomy Guide - Step 1

STEP 3 | Second Osteotomy & CrossCut Guide Removal

Using the larger tab of the wedge guide to orient the saw blade the second osteotomy is completed and the wedge guide is removed. A visual verification is conducted before the initial, partial osteotomy (step 1) is completed. 

CrossCut Wedge Osteotomy Guide - Step 2

STEP 4 | Wedge Removal

Upon completion of both osteotomies, the wedge of bone is removed and potentially saved for use as grafting material.

Cleaning and Storage

These stainless steel guides may be cleaned in routine instrument cleaners and disinfectants to include ultrasonic cleaning if desired. CrossCut Guides are easily organized by size onto plate clips or a section of cerclage wire for storage and sterilization. Most users separate the positive (+) and negative (–) angles onto separate clips and may subdivide them into four clips or loops to simplify retrieval and postoperative cleaning.

CrossCut Wedge Osteotomy Guide - Step 1

Wedge organization and storage using a plate clip

CrossCut Wedge Osteotomy Guide - Step 2

Wedge organization and storage using cerclage wire