Continuing Education

The continuing education section is a calendar of events IMEX® is scheduled to attend and at which we hope to have an opportunity to meet you and put a face and name together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are grouped according to subject matter and represent an excellent learning source. We welcome any additional comments or suggested changes to the answers.


The IMEX® gallery is a holding area for various videos and images that might also be represented as Tips-n-Tricks or examples. We think you will enjoy surfing this section for a fun learning session.

Technical Articles

Technical articles are represented by previous application or product specific newsletters or content generated for this area.


The Tips-n-Tricks section typically features short presentations designed to provide the user a mental image of how a product is most frequently used, or to provide short instructional examples and suggestions. Please feel free to share your tips with other veterinarians by sharing them with IMEX®.