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Transilial Rod

Transilial Rod


Fully-threaded rods designed to provide additional stability during the repair of unilateral or bilateral sacroiliac luxations and sacral fractures. Often used in addition to lag screws and can be combined with other implants. Paired nuts (sold separately) can be applied to each end to provide secure, locked fixation. A short length of non-threaded area is available to eliminate thread damage when applying a Jacobs chuck. Single trocar point.

Implant quality 316LVM, stainless steel

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Product Specifications

Part No. Compatible Transilial Nut Compatible Washer Core Diameter Length Thread Diameter
Part No. Compatible Transilial Nut: 3.2 mm (part number 57132) Compatible Washer: 9 mm (part number 57232) Core Diameter: 2.3 mm0.079 in Length (mm): 125 mm4.921 in Thread Diameter (mm): 3.2 mm0.118 in
Part No. Compatible Transilial Nut: 4.0 mm (part number 57140) Compatible Washer: 10 mm (part number 57240) Core Diameter: 3.0 mm0.118 in Length (mm): 155 mm6.102 in Thread Diameter (mm): 4.0 mm0.157 in
Part No. Compatible Transilial Nut: 4.7 mm (part number 57147) Compatible Washer: 11 mm (part number 57247) Core Diameter: 3.7 mm0.118 in Length (mm): 175 mm6.89 in Thread Diameter (mm): 4.7 mm0.157 in