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2-Hole Titanium Suture Button

Titanium Suture Button


Part No. 55200

Two-hole titanium suture buttons, like polypropylene suture buttons, are used at the lateral femur to simplify suture tie-off with the toggle pin method of hip luxation repair. Also used for shoulder instability, stifle instability, and other surgical applications. The paired 1.7 mm holes will accommodate virtually all suture material choices.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Hole Dimension Length Suture Size Accepted Thickness Width
Part No. Hole Dimension: 1.7 mm0.039 in Length (mm): 10 mm0.394 in Suture Size Accepted: Most Sizes Thickness: 1.3 mm0.039 in Width: 3.2 mm0.118 in