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TPLO Reduction Pin, End Threaded with Trocar Point

TPLO Reduction Pin


TPLO reduction pins are available in two diameters with the smaller 1.6 mm version reserved for the smallest patients. Although designed for use as either a temporary or permanent osteotomy reduction pin during application of TPLO plates, some surgeons choose to leave them in position for added stability of the repair.

Implant quality 316LVM, stainless steel

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Product Specifications

Part No. Diameter Overall Length Thread Length
Part No. Diameter (mm): 1.6 mm 0.039 in Overall Length: 125 mm4.921 in Thread Length: 45 mm1.772 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 2.0 mm0.079 in Overall Length: 150 mm5.906 in Thread Length: 65 mm2.559 in