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Universal SK Hybrid Adapter
Universal SK Hybrid Adapter
Universal SK Hybrid Adapter
Universal SK Hybrid Adapter

Universal SK Hybrid Adapter


Part No. 410.000

The small Universal SK Hybrid Adapter offers the advantage of using standard 6.3 mm titanium or carbon fiber rods to create hybrid frames while providing 60 degrees of adjustment compared to ~15 degrees using standard spherical nuts and washers.

Attaches easily to a 50 mm, 66 mm, 84 mm, or 118 mm ring with two included 6 mm x 16 mm hex bolts and 6 mm hex nuts.


Additional Product Information

As with most hybrid ESF frames, support struts or Type I-b frames are recommended. The third hole can be utilized for additional hardware placement. Rod-gripping element provides a secure fit for 6.3 mm rods while allowing for 60 degrees of adjustment. 

Accepts smooth, standard small SK ESF titanium or carbon fiber rods. Rod-gripping bolts should alternately be tightened using a lag effect to secure the rod. It does not reduce the need for an additional side bar or support struts.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Compatible ESF Clamp Compatible System Range of Motion Rod Diameter Accepted Wrench Size Accepted
Part No. Compatible ESF Clamp: Small Compatible System: Small hybrid Range of Motion: 60 degrees Rod Diameter Accepted: 6.3 mm0.236 in Wrench Size Accepted: 8 mm, 10 mm0.315 in

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