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3.2 mm Smooth Suture Passer with Eye

Suture Passer


Part No. 55000

Similar to a large sewing needle with an eye, this suture passer is designed to be an economical method of pulling suture down the femoral neck. It is most useful when utilizing soft pliable suture material, while stiffer monofilament materials are usually pushed through the femoral hole by hand. The blunt end is also utilized to "pop" the toggle pin through the acetabular wall.

Additional Product Information

The 3.2 mm diameter of the suture passer requires a minimum femoral neck drill hole of 3.5 mm. Only use this instrument in patients large enough to safely drill a 3.5 mm femoral neck hole. Depending on patient size, smaller patients should receive a maximum femoral neck hole of 2.0 mm or perhaps 2.7 mm. In these patients, a wire loop will serve the purpose of a suture passer.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Diameter Length Suture Size Accepted
Part No. Diameter (mm): 3.2 mm0.118 in Length: 180 mm7.087 in Suture Size Accepted: Most sizes