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Hybrid/Circular ESF Spherical Nuts

Spherical Nut


Paired on each side of a fixation ring, a spherical nut/spherical washer combination allows approximately 10­° of motion to adjust a hybrid rod or threaded rod angle. Six pairs will allow a ring or ring block with three rods to be adjusted, where a minimum of two pair will function with most hybrid ESF frames. Requires two wrenches.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Compatible System Thread Diameter Wrench Size Accepted
Part No. Compatible System: Mini hybrid Thread Diameter (mm): 4 mm0.157 in Wrench Size Accepted: 7 mm0.276 in
Part No. Compatible System: Small hybrid Thread Diameter (mm): 6 mm0.236 in Wrench Size Accepted: 10 mm0.394 in