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Hybrid/Circular ESF Stopper (Olive) Fixation Wire with Cutting Point (CP)

Stopper Fixation Wire


1.6 mm and 1.3 mm diameter stopper wires are utilized with standard CESF and small hybrid ESF frames and feature a special cutting point that increases wire placement accuracy while reducing heat at the wire bone interface. 1.0 mm stopper wires are used with the mini CESF and hybrid ESF system and feature a trocar point.

Stopper wires should be used anytime patient anatomy does not allow optimal wire number and placement. This includes all hybrid frames.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Compatible System Diameter Length Point Style
Part No. Compatible System: Mini hybrid, mini circular Diameter (mm): 1.0 mm0.039 in Length (mm): 125 mm4.921 in Point Style: Trocar
Part No. Compatible System: Small hybrid, standard circular Diameter (mm): 1.3 mm0.039 in Length (mm): 165 mm6.496 in Point Style: CP (cutting point)
Part No. Compatible System: Small hybrid, standard circular Diameter (mm): 1.6 mm0.039 in Length (mm): 200 mm7.874 in Point Style: CP (cutting point)


  • When are “stopper” wires preferred over smooth wires?

    Small diameter wires are not threaded and therefore are subject to micromotion. When four or more smooth wires are used with good divergency, stability is adequate. When wire number is reduced or divergence is not adequate, surgeons choose to place stopper wires (also called olive wires) to reduce micromotion and enhance stability. Stopper wires have a centrally located expanded bead designed for placement against the bone. Most situations where hybrid frames are chosen will benefit from the added stability provided by stopper wires.