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Hybrid/Circular ESF Semi-Calibrated Dyna Wire Tensioner with Knurled Handle and Wire Capture Bolt

Dyna Wire Tensioner


Part No. 2.50014

Utilized to remove slack from small diameter fixation wires, the Dyna wire tensioner is semi-calibrated for three basic ring diameters with indicator lines representing the approximate tension generated (see product specifications chart). Not for use with miniature 35 mm, 45 mm, or standard 50 mm rings.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Compatible System Tension Line 1 Tension Line 2 Tension Line 3
Part No. Compatible System: Small hybrid, standard circular Tension Line 1: ~57 kg (66 mm ring) Tension Line 2: ~81 Kg (84 mm ring) Tension Line 3: ~95 Kg (118 mm ring)


  • Tell me more about tensioning fixation wires.

    Diameter is the key element in determining the stiffness or resistance to bending of a fixation pin. Hybrid (and circular frame) fixation wires are of small diameter, but placing them under tension can enhance their mechanical performance. IMEX provides a wire-tensioning device for this purpose. When the distance the wire spans is short (small diameter rings) or the patient is small (mini rings), wire tensioning is not necessary. When ring diameters or patients are large, wires must be tensioned to achieve adequate mechanical stability.