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Duraface Large Animal Transfixation Pin, Tapered Run Out, Centrally Threaded

Duraface Large Animal Transfixation Pin


These pins feature a larger shaft on the "near" end of the pin and a tapered run-out (TRO) feature at the thread-shaft junction to attenuate any potential stress riser, resulting in a pin with increased bending resistance and enhanced cyclic fatigue life compared to traditional positive-profile pins (Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 2011; 4: 257-261).

These pins along with related drill bits and taps are designed for lower limb applications in large animal patients. Both pin sizes incorporate three chuck flats on the blunt end for securing the pin into a Jacobs chuck. Predrilling and tapping are required.

Implant quality 316LVM, stainless steel / U.S. patent #8,282,676

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Product Specifications

Part No. Overall Length Recommended Drill Bit Required Tap Shaft Diameter Thread Diameter Thread Length
Part No. Overall Length: 200 mm7.874 in Recommended Drill Bit: 4.7 mm0.157 in Required Tap: Part number 2131T Shaft Diameter (mm): 4.8 mm | 6.3 mm0.157 in Thread Diameter (mm): 6.3 mm0.236 in Thread Length: 64 mm2.52 in
Part No. Overall Length: 200 mm7.874 in Recommended Drill Bit: 6.2 mm0.236 in Required Tap: Part number 2114T Shaft Diameter (mm): 6.3 mm | 8.0 mm0.236 in Thread Diameter (mm): 8.0 mm0.315 in Thread Length: 65 mm2.559 in