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Acrylx Resin Cartridge
Acrylx Resin Cartridge
Acrylx Resin Cartridge
Acrylx Resin Cartridge

Acrylx Resin Cartridge


Part No. 70012

A single cartridge provides 50 ml of mixed product, enough material to construct several small patient frames. Cartridges can be reused until the resin is depleted or expired.

Maximum shelf-life is maintained by refrigerated storage. If refrigerated, it is recommended to allow the cartridge to reach room temperature before use as not to alter setting characteristics. A 12-minute set time is typical.

Each cartridge purchase includes five each of the medium (yellow) and large (pink) mixing.

External use only

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  • Once I have opened and used an Acrylx cartridge, does all of the resin have to be used or lost?

    No, one of the advantages of Acrylx is that unused resin in the cartridge remains viable for future cases. The mixing tip used for the application is simply left on the cartridge to act as a cap until next use. At next use, the old mixing tip is removed and a new one is applied. You are then ready for another application.

  • The cartridge provides multi-use potential, but how many cases will I get from a single cartridge?

    This depends on the diameter and length of the external columns. Based on several avian skeleton model applications averaging a 100 mm length of 6mm tube, approximately 9 cases could be performed with a single resin cartridge. A single cartridge will fill approximately 45 cm of 10 mm tube and 100 cm of 6 mm tube.

  • What is the shelf-life of a cartridge?

    Acrylx shelf-life is currently labeled for 18 months from manufacture and can be prolonged by refrigeration. It is best to allow the resin to adjust to room temperature prior to clinical application; keeping viscosity and set time consistent.

  • What is the typical set up time for Acrylx?

    Twelve minutes at room temperature. You have about 2-4 minutes to adjust reduction and alignment, then the limb and column should be held without motion until set is complete. It is important not to have Acrylx (or any other resins) in motion during the actual cure period. Allow a minimum of 12 total minutes from tube fill until final anesthesia recovery or limb manipulation.

  • What is the best way to determine if an Acrylx column has completely cured (hardened)?

    The safest and most reliable method is to use a watch or timer. Allow a full 12 minutes after application before moving the frame. Up to 4 minutes after application is acceptable to fine-tune reduction, then eliminate any additional motion during the cure process. Do not wiggle or pinch the column during the cure period to determine hardness. 12 minutes will coincide with maximum exotherm followed by a brief cooling period.

  • Do you still have questions?

    All of our FAQs are located in one central location for you to find the answers when you need them. If you are unable to answer your question, our support team is just an email or call away at and 903-295-2196.