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10 mm Acrylx ESF Acrylic Corrugated Tubing with Solid Adapter Plug

Acrylx Corrugated Tubing


Acrylx is most commonly applied using thin-wall tubing as a mold. Two tube diameters are provided for small patients, 6 mm and 10 mm.

6 mm tubing is easily filled directly using the medium, large, or extra-large mixing tips. 10 mm tubing utilizes a fitted adapter providing a clean, smooth fill. Large or extra-large mixing tips are commonly used with 10 mm tubing.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Adapter Plug Diameter Length Mixing Tips
Part No. Adapter Plug: No Diameter (mm): 6 mm0.236 in Length (mm): 300 mm11.811 in Mixing Tips: medium, large, extra-large
Part No. Adapter Plug: Yes Diameter (mm): 10 mm0.394 in Length (mm): 300 mm11.811 in Mixing Tips: large, extra-large


  • Are the mixing tips, tubes, applicator gun and cartridge sterile?

    No, these are all non-sterile. Customers typically use a two-phase technique when applying acrylic and pin frames. The first phase is the sterile phase and includes surgical approach, reduction, pin application and closure. The second, non-sterile phase, includes application of tubing mold and Acrylx followed by any final reduction and cure. Occasionally, surgeons have sterilized these Components using ethylene oxide, but it has not been proven that the actual resin is sterile.