Although IMEX® Veterinary is best known as an external fixation company, we also offer a full line of intramedullary pins, K-wires, orthopedic wire, suture anchors, hip luxation components, TPLO support products and other orthopedic related items.

A complete listing of all our newest products – external fixation, joint stabilization, pins, wire, drill bits, instrumentation...

Available in 1.0, 1.4, and 1.6 mm sizes, VetKISS™ is appropriate for a variety of feline, toy breed, and exotic patients, as well as metacarpal and metatarsal fractures in larger patients. 

    IMEX® external skeletal fixation constitutes a complete modular system designed around the SK® linear ESF device allowing construction of linear, hybrid and circular external fixators to treat orthopedic conditions from fractures to angular limb deformities.

    A large selection of external fixation pins, Steinmann intramedullary pins, K-wires, TPLO reduction pins, stick pins, trans-ilial rod pins, large animal transfixation pins, and related pin application products.

    Non-external fixator related joint stabilization products include suture anchors, toggle pins, spiked bone washers and multi-purpose orthopedic washers, and are considered primary repair methods. 

    Instruments and accessories needed to store and apply pins and wires are minimal. Power drills and hand chucks are used for application while organizer bags are frequently used for storage.

    K-wire (Kirschner wire) feature trocar points on each end of a small diameter smooth pin. Orthopedic cerclage wire is available in multiple diameters – both on an autoclavable spool and free rolls.

    IMEX® produces a variety of drill bits for use with ESF pins, bone screws, toggle pins and other orthopedic applications.