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Standard ESF Drill Bit

Standard ESF Drill Bit


Standard drill bits are made of hardened stainless steel and tolerate inadvertent contact with implants better than StickTite drill bits and are appropriate for predrilling of Duraface, Interface and Centerface ESF pins, large cancellous ESF pins, 6.3 mm shaft large animal transfixation pins, and other orthopedic implants.

Additional Product Information

In order to support sleeved predrilling, IMEX drill bits are considerably longer than standard bone plating drill bits. Surgeons must be aware of this length and avoid side pressures resulting in drill bit flexion and bowing, especially when not using drill sleeves.

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Product Specifications

Part No. Diameter Length
Part No. Diameter (mm): 1.1 mm0.039 in Length (mm): 75 mm2.953 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 1.5 mm0.039 in Length (mm): 85 mm3.346 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 2.3 mm0.079 in Length (mm): 130 mm5.118 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 3.1 mm0.118 in Length (mm): 150 mm5.906 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 3.9 mm0.118 in Length (mm): 160 mm6.299 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 4.7 mm0.157 in Length (mm): 170 mm6.693 in
Part No. Diameter (mm): 6.0 mm0.236 in Length: 180 mm7.087 in