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Surgery-Friendly Draping Method 

Submitted by Jeff Johnson, DVM | Blue Sky Animal Hospital P.A.

Syringe case with ESF pins labeled with part number, required drill bit, and number to keep in inventory

Application of a common fishing weight to a surgery drape
Image courtesy of Jeff Johnson, DVM | Blue Sky Animal Hospital P.A.

Manipulation of limbs during orthopedic procedures relies on drapes being free to move. Unfortunately, drapes often do not realign when limb manipulation is complete. Attaching self-retaining weights to each corner of the surgical drape brings them neatly back into position after limb manipulation. Standard fishing weights designed for depth determination (or picnic table weights) are easily found and can be used to solve this common problem.

Remember to always use drapes of more than adequate size regardless of what surgery is being performed, whether or not you use weights.

Editor's Note: IMEX located this type of weight at Bass Pro Shops® and Similar weights are also used for picnic tablecloths.