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SK ESF Clamp Design

by IMEX Veterinary

The user-friendly design of the SK single clamp allows for pre-drilling as well as placement of positive thread pins through the pin-gripping bolt. This eliminates the difficulty historically associated with the use of positive-profile threaded pins. The gripping mechanism of the SK ESF clamp allows a variety of different pin sizes and types to be utilized at the surgeon’s discretion. The split nature of the SK clamp allows quick and easy addition or removal of a clamp without requiring frame disassembly. Simple wrenches are the only required instrumentation; however, optional drill sleeves are available to simplify pre-drilling.

Exploded View

Technical drawing of an SK ESF clamp assembly, Single

FIGURE 1 | SK ESF Clamp Assembly, Single

The aluminum clamp body is comprised of two different parts (B1 and B2). Each has a pair of holes, the left one to receive the primary pin-gripping bolt (PB) and the right one to receive the secondary bolt (SB). None of these holes have threads except for the secondary bolt hole in B1 body part.

After each use, a clamp may be disassembled for proper cleaning. The B1 and B2 body parts must not be interchanged when the clamp is reassembled for another use, or it will not work properly. Proper assembly of the clamp is shown in the above photo.

The large rod-gripping channel (R) is in the center of the clamp. The primary pin-gripping bolt (PB) has a washer (W) with a slot or meniscus (M) which enables a wide range of pin diameters to be securely gripped by the clamp. The clamp is tightened by the secondary bolt and by a nut (N) on the primary pin-gripping bolt. Alternate tightening of each bolt will maximize clamp longevity and is highly recommended.

The secondary bolt should be viewed as a second pair of hands to be utilized to position and hold clamps in place while aiming drill bits, drilling, and placing pins. When one becomes comfortable utilizing the secondary bolt as an assistant it becomes very easy to reduce fractures and apply frames. The secondary bolt converts an empty clamp into both a drill guide and a targeting device. While the mechanical properties of the SK ESF system allow minimal use of full-pins, they can be easily targeted without additional expensive instrumentation.