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Organize ESF Pin Inventory
with Common Office Supplies 

Submitted by VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, Los Angeles, California

A high probability exists that you've seen various ways of organizing external fixation pins, potentially from some of our past tips or from a method devised out of your own organizational needs. Methods can vary from practice to practice as each requires different pin styles, sizes and lengths based on case load. Addressing both of these issues, the purchase of only a few, common office supplies will streamline external fixation pin inventory for easy access and reorder while minimizing setup cost.


  • Label maker
  • Labels
  • Accordion file folder with large pockets


Organizing the folders can be done several ways. One of the easiest is using multi-colored labels (colored fonts on white or full-colored label) to differentiate pin inventory for easy review and reorder. Example:

  • Blue: Duraface
  • Black: Cortical Interface
  • Green: Cortical Centerface
  • Red: Cancellous Interface
  • Etc.

Black pocket folder with labels identifying external fixation pin inventort

FIGURE 1 – Organized Pin Inventory | Labeled with large fonts, an ESF pin inventory pack is easily identified at a glance

Closeup of pocket folder labels identify specific external fixation pins

FIGURE 2 –  Pin Identification | Pockets of an accordion folder labeled with pin size and pin type

Closeup of color coded, pocket folder labels for easy identification of  external fixation pin type

FIGURE 3 – Color Coded Labels  | Pin styles differentiated through use of a color coded labeling system

After labels are made and color coded, place sterilized pin packs in their proper location for easy retrieval during your next surgery.

No matter the size or complexity of your ESF pin inventory, organizing has never been easier or more affordable.