Fully-threaded rods designed to provide additional stability during the repair of unilateral or bilateral sacro-iliac luxations and sacral fractures. Often used in addition to lag screws and can be combined with other implants. Available in 3.2mm, 4.0mm, and 4.7mm diameters with a single trocar point. Paired nuts can be applied to each end to provide secure, locked fixation.  A short length of non-threaded area is available to eliminate thread damage when applying a Jacobs chuck. Implant quality stainless steel.

Specifications: Trans-ilial Rods & Nuts

Part No.DescriptionDiameter/LengthCore DiameterRequired Wrench
57032Trans-ilial Rod3.2mm x 125mm2.3mm
57040Trans-ilial Rod4.0mm x 155mm3.0mm
57047Trans-ilial Rod4.7mm x 175mm3.7mm
57132Trans-ilial Nut3.2mm7mm
57140Trans-ilial Nut4.0mm7mm
57147Trans-ilial Nut4.7mm8mm

Specifications: Multi-Purpose Orthopedic Washers

Part No.SizeRod DiameterBone Screw Size