Toggle pins are placed medial to the acetabular wall to anchor suture. The cross-hole sizes are compatible with most commonly used sizes of suture material. Depending on the size of suture used, the required acetabular wall drill bit may be approximately the same size as the toggle pin or up to 1-2 millimeters larger (to allow for large suture.) The blunt end of a suture passer can be used to assist with final passage of the toggle pin through the acetabular wall. Femoral neck drill bit diameter should not risk mechanical or biologic damage to the femoral neck. Implant quality stainless steel.


Part No.DiameterLengthCross-holeAccepted Suture Size
550272.7mm10mm1.1mm40 lb and #2
550323.2mm14mm1.1mm60 lb and #2
550404.0mm18mm1.9mm80 lb and #5