The hip luxation starter kit is designed to provide the surgeon a complete set of components needed for the toggle pin method of hip luxation repair in one easy to order kit. Suture material is not included.

Coxofemoral Luxation Starter Kit (Part No. 55SKT)

Part No.QuantityDescription
500001Universal Aiming Device
5003513.5mm Universal Aiming Device Drill Guide
5500013.2mm Suture Passer
552003Titanium Suture Button
55100S3Polypropylene Suture Button (sterile)
3203513.5mm StickTite™ Drill Bit
3203913.9mm StickTite™ Drill Bit
5503263.2mm Toggle Pin

More Info

As the popularity of the toggle pin method has increased, smaller and smaller patients are undergoing this method of treatment. It is important not to damage the integrity of the femoral neck by drilling hole of excess diameter in these cases. Remember, the toggle pin does not need to traverse the femoral neck, but only the suture material.