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November 17 - 18, 2023

External Skeletal Fixation Fracture Repair Workshop

An introductory workshop utilizing linear external skeletal fixation designed for general practitioners looking to incorporate External Skeletal Fixation (ESF) into the clinic and veterinary surgeons looking to expand their knowledge and skills in this area. The workshop covers the principles and techniques of ESF, including patient selection, equipment preparation, surgical techniques, and postoperative care. Additionally, the workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the potential complications associated with external skeletal fixation and how to recognize and manage them.

The goal of this workshop is to provide veterinary surgeons with the expertise needed to utilize linear external fixation safely and effectively in their clinical practice, improving patient outcomes and expanding their range of treatment options.


  • Learn the technical skills necessary to perform external skeletal fixation procedures, including proper pin placement and frame construction, as well as techniques for minimizing surgical complications.
  • Develop an understanding of postoperative care and management of patients, including monitoring for complications and pain management
  • Learn how to evaluate the success of external skeletal fixation procedures, including assessment of bone healing and functional outcomes for the patient.
  • Understand the indications and contraindications for external skeletal fixation, including appropriate patient selection and considerations for different types of fractures.
  • Gain insight on how to economically expand fracture treatment capabilities with ESF

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Bruno Peirone, DVM, PhD

Enrico Panichi, DVM, PhD


Anicura Istituto Veterinario Novara
Strada Provinciale 9
228060 Granozzo con Monticello (NO)

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