IMEX® Veterinary, Inc. was founded with the mission of supplying premium external skeletal fixation pin technology to the veterinary surgeon. In addition, IMEX® offers a huge selection of Steinmann intramedullary pins, K-wires, TPLO reduction pins, stick pins, trans-ilial rod pins, large animal transfixation pins, and related pin application products. IMEX®offers a greater selection of veterinary orthopedic pins than any other source and backs them up with rapid delivery and competitive pricing.

Premium, affordable external skeletal fixation pin technology – large selection of diameters and lengths for all patient sizes

Applicable to lower limb application in large animal patients

Two basic styles: partial thread or smooth in a diameter choices from 1/16” to 1/4” (1.6mm to 6.3mm)

Used in small dogs, cats, avian, and exotic patients for tibial crest translocations, capital physeal fractures and avulsion fractures of the greater trochanter. 

Adds stability during the repair of unilateral or bilateral sacro-iliac luxations and sacral fractures

Designed as temporary reduction pins; can be left in position for added stability of the repair

Commonly used as temporary jig fixation pins when performing TPLO surgery

Pin Gauge – calibrated for sizing K-wires, ESF pins and IM pins from 0.9mm (0.035”) to 6.3mm (1/4”). Pin Caps – covers sharp ends of pins to protect patients and owners