Instruments and accessories needed to store and apply pins and wires are minimal. Power drills and hand chucks are used for application while organizer bags are frequently used for storage.

Affordable alternative to expensive power orthopedic equipment – capable of driving multiple ESF pins on a single charge. 

Provides a sterile field when using a non-sterile power drill; utilized in conjunction with a sterile extended chuck.

Available in two sizes for applying a range of wire and pin diameters.

Cannulated, stainless power drill adapter and key. Replaces the factory chuck on most hardware store type drills for steam sterilization.

Fits standard ¼" Jacobs chuck on hand chuck (PN 30002), power drill extended chuck (PN 30001), and surgery drill (PN 30010).

Provides a simple and precise method for bending K-wires  

Autoclavable cloth bag with labeled pockets for various sizes of IM pins and K-wires

Calibrated in inches and millimeters with holes for sizing K-wires, ESF pins, drill bits and IM pins from 0.9mm (0.035”) to 6.3mm (1/4”)

Protects patients and owners from IM and ESF pin points during autoclave and storage