These wedge osteotomy guides are designed to provide increased accuracy while simplifying the corrective osteotomy procedure. 

VetKISS™ R-plates (rigid plates) should be used in non-load sharing or otherwise more challenging situations

Designed to function as a reconstruction plate while minimizing the risk of excess fixation rigidity in small patients

VetKISS™ screws share a common 3.0 mm shaft that supports a single driver across all screw diameters (1.0, 1.4, and 1.6 mm).

VetKISS™ implant caddies allow for easy storage and retrieval of screws, plates, drill bits and hex drivers.

This battery powered, lightweight autoclavable drill provides fingertip precision for accurate hole placement.

Features alternating jig pin holes to ensure parallel pin placement when performing TPLO surgery.