IMEX® does not produce TPLO plates or instruments but continues to offer a number of items our customers frequently use when performing TPLO surgery for repair of cruciate deficient stifles. 

A versatile stifle distraction device utilized during open arthrotomy or arthroscopic stifle exploration

Provides the reduction in size and weight needed to perform accurate osteotomies in small patients where mini TPLO plates are used

A single-cortex, negative thread profile pin commonly used as temporary jig fixation pins when performing TPLO surgery.

Designed for use as temporary or permanent osteotomy reduction pins during application of TPLO plates.  

Attaches Synthes® TPLO saw blades to Stryker®-type saws in the preferred Slocum method of mounting the blade on the long axis of the saw

Features alternating jig pin holes to ensure parallel pin placement when performing TPLO surgery.