Interface® fixation half-pins are end threaded ESF pins with positive thread profiles.  Interface® pins are available in several diameters appropriate for the smallest kitten to the largest canine.  Length and thread style options are also available.

These small pins are K-wire size versions of our popular Interface® fixation half-pins. Commonly used with acrylic fixators on toy breeds, kittens, avian patients and small exotic pets. 

​Interface® fixation half-pins are end-threaded, feature positive-profile threads and a trocar point on the threaded end.  Seven diameter choices are available with thread diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 4.8mm.

Interface® NP (No-Point) fixation half-pins lack a trocar point and reduce the opportunity for morbidity created by a sharp point remaining in soft tissue.

Interface® fixation half-pins with cancellous thread profile feature a deep thread with larger pitch than standard thread Interface® fixation pins. Effective in soft metaphyseal bone application where adequate bone stock is present.