Centerface® fixation full-pins are centrally-threaded with a positive-thread profile.  Centerface pins are available in several diameter options appropriate for the smallest kitten to the largest canine.  Length and thread style options are also available.

Mini Centerface® fixation full-pins are available in shaft sizes of 0.9mm, 1.1mm and 1.6mm and are compatible with mini SK® ESF clamps. Commonly used with acrylic fixators on toy breeds, kittens, avian patients and small exotic pets. 

Centerface® NP (No-Point) fixation full-pins lack the trocar point found on standard Centerface® pins. Lack of a trocar point reduces potential for injury to the surgeon or patient during pin placement. Pre-drilling is required for pin placement.

Centerface fixation full-pins are centrally-threaded, feature positive-profile threads and a trocar point on one end.  Seven diameter choices are available with thread diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 4.8mm

Centerface® fixation full-pins with cancellous thread profile feature a deep thread with larger thread pitch than standard thread Centerface® fixation full-pins. These pins have proven particularly effective in metaphyseal bone application where adequate bone stock is present to support the increased thread diameters.