IMEX® external skeletal fixation constitutes a complete modular system designed around the SK® linear ESF device allowing construction of linear, hybrid and circular external fixators to treat orthopedic conditions from fractures to angular limb deformities. Common pins, clamps, wrenches, drill sleeves and many other components are designed to function interchangeably. Modularity allows the veterinary surgeon using the IMEX® SK® linear fixator to add hybrid fixation to his/her armamentarium quickly and affordably without the need to purchase another device and/or instrument set. In addition, IMEX® circular external fixation frames were developed around the same fasteners, connectors and instruments providing an economical path for future increase in capability.

IMEX® helps you control inventory and capital expense by providing three external fixation modalities at the time and place of your choosing.

Linear External Skeletal Fixation

Linear ESF is the most common form of external skeletal fixation and consists of percutaneous transfixation pins attached to one or more external bars. Specialized pin gripping clamps are typically utilized to connect external bars and pins. The SK® ESF System by IMEX® is depended on by more academic teaching hospitals and private referral practices than any other ESF device.

Hybrid External Skeletal Fixation

Hybrid ESF devices have characteristics of both linear and circular ESF frames. Hybrid frames are often used to manage fractures with short, juxta-articular fracture fragments. Many growth deformities can also be managed with hybrid frames. By utilizing special hybrid rods or hybrid adapters, veterinary surgeons can link the most popular linear and circular veterinary ESF devices.

Circular External Skeletal Fixation

CESF was popularized by Professor G. Ilizarov, M.D. to treat growth deformities, bone defects, and non-unions. Veterinary surgeons have successfully adapted the Ilizarov method to animals. Percutaneous fixation is usually performed by the use of small diameter fixation wires placed under tension. The IMEX® CESF device greatly simplifies application and management of CESF frames.

A methacrylate based composite resin designed to simplify construction of pin and acrylic external fixators on toy breeds, avian, feline, exotics and mandibular fractures. 

The SK® ESF System was designed to simplify the application and management of external skeletal fixators. 

A practical alternative to transarticular ESF frames for stabilization of very small fracture fragments and select growth deformity procedures.

A system designed for out-patient limb lengthening and correction of growth deformities. (Compatible with the SK® ESF System)

Premium, affordable external skeletal fixation pin technology – large selection of diameters and lengths for all patient sizes