IMEX® produces a variety of drill bits for use with ESF pins, bone screws, toggle pins and other orthopedic applications. 

SK® ESF drill sleeves simplify application of ESF frames. In order to support sleeved pre-drilling, IMEX® drill bits are considerably longer than standard bone plating drill bits. Surgeons must be aware of this length and avoid side pressures resulting in drill bit flexion and bowing; especially when not using drill sleeves.

StickTite™ point geometry prevents walking or skidding at initial drilling and is especially beneficial when hole placement is critical and with freehand drilling applications.

Standard drill bits are made of the same hardened stainless steel as StickTite™ drill bits but and tolerate inadvertent contact with implants better than StickTite™ drill bits.

Designed for through-the-clamp pre-drilling with SK® single clamps but can be an effective drill sleeve for a variety of applications.