This kit includes all sizes of suture anchors – 2.7mm, 4.0mm and 4.7mm, drill bits and drivers required for suture anchor initial inventory and includes an autoclavable suture anchor caddy.

Kit Specifications (Part No. 60-00-00)

Part No.QuantityDescriptionMaterial
60-27-093Anchor, 2.7mm x 9.0mmImplant Quality, 316LVM
60-40-063Anchor, 4.0mm x 6.0mmImplant Quality, 316LVM
60-40-103Anchor, 4.0mm x 10.0mmImplant Quality, 316LVM
60-47-063Anchor, 4.7mm x 6.0mmImplant Quality, 316LVM
60-47-103Anchor, 4.7mm x 10.0mmImplant Quality, 316LVM
61-27-DR1Driver, 2.7mmSynthetic/Stainless Steel
61-40-DR1Driver, 4.0mmSynthetic/Stainless Steel
61-47-DR1Driver, 4.7mmSynthetic/Stainless Steel
61-CA-DD1Anchor CaddyPolypropylene Base
3301511.5mm ESF Drill BitStainless Steel
3202712.7mm StickTite™ Drill BitStainless Steel
3203513.5mm StickTite™ Drill BitStainless Steel