The small SK® ESF starter kit is our most popular and versatile ESF starter kit due to the ability of the small SK® clamps to utilize the two most popular ESF pins: 2.0mm/2.5mm, small and medium DuraFace® or Centerface®. Larger patients can often be well managed due to the increased strength and stiffness of the included titanium connecting rods.

Available in two kit choices differentiated by pointed or no-point versions. | Recommended kit: Part No. 400.SKTDF

Small SK® ESF Starter Kits

QuantityPart No.Description400.SKTDF400.SKTDFNP
10400.000Small SK® Single Clamps
2400.999Small SK® Double Clamps
1405.1006.3mm x 100mm Titanium Rods
1405.1506.3mm x 150mm Titanium Rods
1405.2006.3mm x 200mm Titanium Rods
1405.2506.3mm x 250mm Titanium Rods
1406.0506.3mm x 50mm Carbon Fiber Rods
1406.1006.3mm x 100mm Carbon Fiber Rods
1406.1506.3mm x 150mm Carbon Fiber Rods
1406.2006.3mm x 200mm Carbon Fiber Rods
1406.2506.3mm x 250mm Carbon Fiber Rods
1408.8018mm Combination Wrench
1408.8028mm Angled Socket Wrench
1330232.3mm ESF Drill Bit
1330313.1mm ESF Drill Bit
1340232.3mm ESF Drill Sleeve
1340313.1mm ESF Drill Sleeve
8173323.2mm Duraface® ESF Half-pins
817332NP3.2mm Duraface® NP ESF Half-pins
8171804.0mm Duraface® ESF Half-pins
817180NP4.0mm Duraface® NP ESF Half-pins
4203322.4/3.2mm Centerface® ESF Full-pins
420332NP2.4/3.2mm Centerface® NP ESF Full-pins
4201803.2/4.0mm Centerface® ESF Full-pins
420180NP3.2/4.0mm Centerface® NP ESF Full-pins

More Info

Many referral practices and teaching hospitals will expand the small SK® ESF starter kit to include 2.0mm/2.5mm Interface® or 2.5mm/2.5mm DuraFace®pins, 2.0mm drill bit, additional single and double clamps, and will often include some extended length small and medium ESF pins.

Carbon fiber rods are most commonly used when using 2.0mm/2.5mm Interface®, 2.5mm/2.5mm DuraFace®, small 2.4mm/3.2mm (3/32" / 1/8") Interface®, or small 3.2mm/3.2mm (1/8" / 1/8") DuraFace® pins.

Titanium rods are frequently used on larger patients when incorporating medium 4.0mm/4.0mm (5/32" / 5/32") DuraFace® or 3.2mm/4.0mm (1/8" / 5/32") Interface® pins into the frame.