ROM™ hinges should be reserved for experienced surgeons in challenging situations. Often simpler methods are available such as modified SK® clamps for transarticular frames or modified angular hinges from the CESF system.

ROM™ hinges are modular by design and the hinge rods are easily interchanged to accommodate different limb length and patient anatomy. To change rods, loosen the corresponding nut or nuts and unscrew the rod from its mating hinge pin. This can usually be done by hand but a pair of pliers can be used if needed. Since the hinge pin is held in position by the rod, it must be positioned before screwing in the replacement rod. Rod insertion into the hinge pin can be achieved from one direction only; therefore, it is necessary to seat the hinge pin properly to ensure correct rod insertion.

SK® Range of Motion (ROM™) Hinges

Part No.DescriptionOverall LengthWrench Size
430.000Small SK® ROM™ Hinge185mm10mm
530.000 Large SK® ROM™ Hinge260mm13mm & 15mm

SK® Range of Motion (ROM™) Hinge Rods

Part No.DimensionsThread DiameterSystem SizeMaterial
407.0506.3mm x 50mm6mmSmall SK®Titanium
407.0756.3mm x 75mm6mm (included w/small)Small SK®Titanium
407.1006.3mm x 100mm6mm (included w/small)Small SK®Titanium
407.1506.3mm x 150mm6mmSmall SK®Titanium
407.2006.3mm x 200mm6mmSmall SK®Titanium
407.2506.3mm x 250mm6mmSmall SK®Titanium
530.0759.5mm x 75mm8mmLarge SK®Titanium
530.1009.5mm x 100mm8mm (included w/large)Large SK®Titanium
530.1509.5mm x 150mm8mm (included w/large)Large SK®Titanium
530.2009.5mm x 200mm8mmLarge SK®Titanium

More Info

Small SK™ Range of Motion (ROM™) Hinge

The small ROM™ hinge utilizes standard 6.3mm SK® titanium hybrid rods as the external bars. As purchased, the small SK® ROM™ hinge comes assembled with a 75mm and 100mm hybrid rod. Overall length measures approximately 185mm. Other lengths of hybrid rods can be exchanged to create a custom length ROM™ hinge assembly. Small ROM™ hinge nuts utilize two 10mm wrenches. 

Large SK™ Range of Motion (ROM™) Hinge

The large ROM™ hinge uses special titanium hinge rods with 8mm threads and a 9.5mm rod diameter that accepts large SK® ESF clamps. As purchased, the large SK® ROM™ hinge comes assembled with a 100mm and 150mm hinge rod and measures approximately 260mm in length.  Other lengths of large ROM™ hinge rods can be exchanged to create a custom length ROM™ hinge assembly. Requires 13mm and 15mm wrenches (not included).

Small SK™ 6.3mm TITANIUM HYBRID Rods, 6mm Thread

Small SK® titanium hybrid rods are commonly utilized to construct hybrid ESF frames but are also a modular assembly element of the small SK® ROM™ hinge. Length increments from 50mm to 250mm are available allowing custom modification of small ROM™ hinge assemblies.

Large 9.5mm TITANIUM ROM™ HINGE Rods, 8mm Thread

The major, smooth portion of this rod is 9.5mm and supports large SK® clamps.  One end of the rod has 8mm threads, which mate in the large ROM™ hinge pin. Available in four lengths to provide the surgeon a modular opportunity to construct a large ROM™ hinge assembly with each rod being of appropriate length for the clinical case.