The SK® ESF clamp is the most versatile and popular ESF clamp available and supports more ESF pin sizes and styles than any other ESF clamp. The single SK® ESF clamp is the primary construction element of any linear fixator and is available in 3 sizes. (U.S. Patent #5,921,985)

SK® ESF Clamps, Single (Complete Assembly)

Part No.DescriptionWrench SizeRod DiameterPin Sizes Accepted
300.000Mini SK® ESF Clamp, Single7mm3.2mm0.9mm - 2.5mm
400.000Small SK® ESF Clamp, Single8mm6.3mm2.0mm - 4.0mm
500.000Large SK® ESF Clamp, Single10mm9.5mm3.2mm - 4.8mm

Replacement Components

Part NumberDescriptionClamp Size
300.001Mini SK® Primary Gripping BoltMini
300.002SMini SK® Clamp Body Pair with 4mm BoltMini
300.0034mm x 8mm Hex BoltMini
4.300064mm Hex Nut (7mm Wrench Flats)Mini
400.001Small SK® Primary Gripping BoltSmall
400.002SSmall SK® Clamp Body Pair with 5mm BoltSmall
400.0035mm x 10mm Hex Bolt Small
400.0045mm Hex Nut (8mm Wrench Flats)Small
500.001Large SK® Primary Gripping BoltLarge
500.002SLarge SK® Clamp Body Pair with 4mm BoltLarge
2.300076mm x 12mm Hex Bolt Large
2.300066mm Hex Nut (10mm Wrench Flats)Large

More Info

Mini SK® Clamp, SINGLE
Part No. 300.000

Utilizes 7mm wrenches and 1/8” (3.2mm) diameter stainless steel external rods. Supports use of 0.035”, 0.045”, and 0.062” shaft miniature Interface® and Centerface® pins, as well as a 0.078” Interface® pin.  In addition, the mini SK® ESF clamp also supports through-the-clamp placement of 2.0mm shaft Interface®  and Centerface® pins with 2.5mm threads, and 2.0mm Duraface® pins (2.5mm diameter). Maximum diameter accepted is 2.5mm.

Small SK® Clamp, SINGLE
Part No. 400.000

Utilizes 6.3mm diameter external rods and 8mm wrenches. Supports use of 2.0mm, small, small-plus, 3.0mm and medium Interface®  and Centerface® pins. Duraface® pin sizes: 2.0mm (2.5mm diameter), small, small-plus and medium are also compatible. Maximum diameter accepted is 5/32” (4.0mm).

Large SK® Clamp, SINGLE
Part No. 500.000

Utilizes 9.5mm diameter external rods and 10mm wrenches. Supports use of 3.0mm, medium, medium-plus and large Interface® and Centerface® pins. Duraface® pin sizes: medium, medium-plus and large are also compatible. Recommended pin shafts 1/8” to 5/32” (3.2mm to 4.0mm). Maximum diameter accepted is 3/16” (4.8mm). Most commonly used pin is the medium.