Double clamps are less frequently used than single clamps and are primarily used for creating articulations between external bars and performing frame to IM pin tie-in configurations. A minimal number of double clamps should be in every ESF pack. Two wrenches required for proper application. (U.S. Patent # 5,921,985)

SK® ESF Clamps, Double (Complete Assembly)

Part No.DescriptionWrench SizeRod Diameter
300.999Mini SK® ESF Clamp, Double7mm3.2mm (1/8”)
400.999Small SK® ESF Clamp, Double8mm6.3mm
500.999Large SK® ESF Clamp, Double10mm9.5mm

Replacement Components

Part No.DescriptionClamp Size
300.001Mini SK® Primary Gripping BoltMini
300.002SMini SK® Clamp Body Pair with 4mm BoltMini
300.0034mm x 8mm Hex boltMini
4.300064mm Hex Nut (7mm Wrench Flats)Mini
400.001Small SK® Primary Gripping BoltSmall
400.002SSmall SK® Clamp Body Pair with 5mm BoltSmall
400.0035mm x 10mm Hex BoltSmall
400.0045mm Hex Nut (8mm Wrench Flats)Small
500.001Large SK® Primary Gripping BoltLarge
500.002SLarge SK® Clamp Body Pair with 4mm BoltLarge
2.300076mm x 12mm Hex BoltLarge
2.300066mm Hex Nut (10mm Wrench Flats)Large