Over the years, many customers have used miniature Interface® fixation half-pins for a variety of non-external fixation purposes when a K-wire sized implant with a short threaded portion is what the surgeon really desires. Such applications are frequent in small dogs, cats, avian, and exotic patients and include: tibial crest translocations, capital physeal fractures and avulsion fractures of the greater trochanter. These applications often involve bending the pin over as in tension band applications. When miniature Interface® pins are bent acutely at their roughened shaft area, they may break. Stick-pins are nearly identical to miniature Interface® pins but do not include the roughened shaft that enhances grip to acrylic and epoxies, and are not prone to failure when bent acutely at the smooth portion of the pin.

Pre-drilling for a 0.9mm miniature stick-pin is complicated by the absence of a well-defined and optimal drill bit diameter. Alternatively, one may pre-drill with 0.7mm (0.028”) K-wire. When pre-drilling with K-wires, remember to drill at a low RPM to avoid excess heat generation. K-wires dull rapidly and repeated use should be limited to 2 or 3 holes per point. 

Sold in packages of 6. Implant Quality 316LVM Stainless Steel.


Part No.Recom. Drill BitShaft/ThreadInch Equiv.Thread LengthTotal LengthPins/Pack
060350.9mm / 1.1mm0.035" / 0.045"12mm75mm6
060451.1mm1.1mm / 1.4mm0.045" / 0.056"12mm75mm6
060621.5mm1.6mm / 1.9mm0.062" / 0.075"12mm75mm6
060781.5mm2.0mm / 2.3mm5/64" / 0.091"15mm75mm6