The mini SK® starter kit is popular for cats, small dogs, avian and exotic patients. The ability to utilize pin diameters from 0.9mm (0.035”) to 2.5mm supports use in many patients that formerly may have been treated using pin and acrylic frames.

Available in two kit choices differentiated by pointed or no-point versions. | Recommended: Part No. 300.SKTDF

Mini SK® ESF Starter Kits

QuantityPart No.Description300.SKTDF300.SKTDFNP
10300.000Mini SK® Single Clamps
2300.999Mini SK® Double Clamps
2242003.2mm x 50mm Stainless Rods
2243003.2mm x 75mm Stainless Rods
2244003.2mm x 100mm Stainless Rods
2245003.2mm x 125mm Stainless Rods
2246003.2mm x 150mm Stainless Rods
14.500037mm Combination Wrench
14.500047mm Angled Socket Wrench
1330151.5mm ESF Drill Bit
1320202.0mm StickTite™ Drill Bit
1340151.5mm Drill Sleeve
1340202.0mm Drill Sleeve
6030621.6mm Mini Interface® Half-pins
6020621.6mm Mini Centerface® Full-Pins
8170202.5mm Duraface® Half-pins
817020NP2.5mm Duraface® NP Half-pins
4200202.0/2.5mm Centerface® Full-Pins
420020NP2.0/2.5mm Centerface® NP Full-Pins

More Info

Many referral practices and teaching institutions will expand the mini SK® ESF starter kit to include 6 more single clamps, 2 more double clamps, and additional 2.0 mm half-pins, 1.6mm (0.062”) half-pins and perhaps add 1.1mm (0.045”) half-pins.

Although the mini SK® clamp can hold pins as small as 0.9mm (0.035”), frequently very short fracture fragments in very small patients may be best handled with pin and acrylic type of frames.