The large SK® ESF starter kit is our most robust fixator and allows very simple frames to function well in medium to large patients. When patients are giant breeds, more complex frame geometry is available as needed. The medium ESF pin is most commonly utilized with this frame.

Available in two kit choices differentiated by pointed or no-point versions. | Recommended kit: Part No. 500.SKTDF

Large SK® ESF Starter Kits

QuantityPart No.Description500.SKTDF500.SKTDFNP
10500.000Large SK® Single Clamps
2500.999Large SK® Double Clamps
1506.0509.5mm x 50mm Carbon Fiber Rods
2506.1009.5mm x 100mm Carbon Fiber Rods
2506.1509.5mm x 150mm Carbon Fiber Rods
2506.2009.5mm x 200mm Carbon Fiber Rods
2506.2509.5mm x 250mm Carbon Fiber Rods
2506.3009.5mm x 300mm Carbon Fiber Rods
12.5000310mm Combination Wrench
1508.10210mm Angled Socket Wrench
1330313.1mm ESF Drill Bit
1330393.9mm ESF Drill Bit
1340313.1mm ESF Drill Sleeve
1340393.9mm ESF Drill Sleeve
8171804.0mm Duraface® ESF Half-pins
817180NP4.0mm Duraface® NP ESF Half-pins
8175324.8mm Duraface® ESF Half-pins
817532NP4.8mm Duraface® NP ESF Half-pins
4201803.2/4.0mm Centerface® ESF Full-pins
420180NP3.2/4.0mm Centerface® NP ESF Full-pins
4205324.0/4.8mm Centerface® ESF Full-pins
420532NP4.0/4.8mm Centerface® NP ESF Full-pins

More Info

Many referral practices and teaching hospitals will expand the large SK® ESF starter kit to include additional medium pins as well as extended length pin selections. The medium pin is more frequently used than large pins – even in larger patients.

Carbon fiber rods are the only rod included in this kit and are very popular due to their high strength and near radiolucency.