Trocar/Trocar Smooth pins feature a trocar point on each end of a smooth pin. 316LVM implant stainless steel.


Part No.DiameterLengthApproximate Metric
101161/16"9"1.6mm x 230mm
105645/64"9"2.0mm x 230mm
103323/32"9"2.4mm x 230mm
107647/64"9"2.8mm x 230mm
101801/8"9"3.2mm x 230mm
1018L1/8"12"3.2mm x 305mm
109649/64"9"3.5mm x 230mm
105325/32"9"4.0mm x 230mm
1053L5/32"12"4.0mm x 305mm
1031S3/16"9"4.8mm x 230mm
103163/16"12"4.8mm x 305mm
1014S1/4"9"6.3mm x 230mm
101401/4"12"6.3mm x 305mm

More Info

1018L and 1053L "long" versions are commonly utilized as a tie-in with external skeletal fixators. Inquire about our ability to produce custom diameter and length intramedullary pins and K-wire.