Duraface® short fixation half-pins are designed to maximize pin stiffness when placing ESF half-pins into shallow bone applications. Type I-b frames applied to the radius are a common example. Keeping the TRO junction close to the bone maximizes the length of the larger diameter pin shaft between clamp and bone; better resisting deflection under load.

Duraface® short half-pins are available only in no-point (NP) versions which feature a truncated, blunt trocar that improves surgeon safety, decreases patient morbidity and requires pre-drilling. .

Implant Quality 316LVM Stainless Steel. U.S. patent #8,282,676.


Part No.Shaft / Thread DiamterFractional EquivalentRecommended Drill BitFunctional Thread LengthOverall Length
17020SNP2.5mm | 2.5mm2.0mm10mm80mm
17332SNP3.2mm | 3.2mm1/8" | 1/8"2.3mm15mm90mm
17764SNP3.5mm | 3.5mm9/64" | 9/64"2.7mm18mm95mm
17180SNP4.0mm | 4.0mm5/32" | 5/32"3.1mm21mm100mm
17964SNP4.3mm | 4.3mm3.5mm24mm120mm
17532SNP4.8mm | 4.8mm3/16" | 3/16"3.9mm27mm140mm