Duraface® NP (No-Point) fixation half-pins are end-threaded and feature a TRO junction. A truncated, blunt trocar improves surgeon safety, decreases patient morbidity and requires pre-drilling. Six diameter choices are available with thread diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 4.8mm.

Standard length pins are used in the majority of applications while extended length pins are occasionally used when additional thread length is needed to span areas of larger bone diameter.

Implant Quality 316LVM Stainless Steel. U.S. patent #8,282,676.

Part numbers ending with "L" indicate extended length pins.


Part No.Shaft/Thread DiameterFractional EquivalentRecommended Drill BitFunctional Thread LengthOverall Length
17020NP2.5mm | 2.5mm 2.0mm20mm95mm
17332NP3.2mm | 3.2mm1/8" | 1/8"2.3mm25mm100mm
1733LNP*3.2mm | 3.2mm1/8" | 1/8"2.3mm31mm150mm
17764NP3.5mm | 3.5mm9/64" | 9/64"2.7mm28mm110mm
1776LNP*3.5mm | 3.5mm9/64" | 9/64"2.7mm50mm150mm
17180NP4.0mm | 4.0mm5/32" | 5/32"3.1mm31mm115mm
1718LNP*4.0mm | 4.0mm5/32" | 5/32"3.1mm50mm150mm
17964NP4.3mm | 4.3mm3.5mm35mm130mm
1796LNP*4.3mm | 4.3mm3.5mm54mm175mm
17532NP4.8mm | 4.8mm3/16" | 3/16"3.9mm38mm150mm
1753LNP*4.8mm | 4.8mm3/16" | 3/16"3.9mm57mm200mm