Acrylx™ is most commonly applied using thin-wall tubing as a mold. Two tube diameters are provided for small patients – 6mm and 10mm. 6mm tubing is easily filled directly using medium, large, or extra large mixing tips. 10mm tubing utilizes an adapter plug which fits the mixing tip for a clean and smooth fill. Large or extra large mixing tips are commonly used with 10mm tubing.


Part No.DescriptionMax Pin Diameter
70020Acrylx™ Corrugated Tubing, 6mm x 300mm1.1mm (0.045")
70050Acrylx™ Corrugated Tubing, 10mm x 300mm2.0mm (5/64")
70060Acrylx™ 10mm Adapter Plug
70060RAcrylx™ 10mm Solid Plug