Accessory packs include a variety of all mixing tips and tube sizes as well as 10mm adapter plugs. This pack is designed to provide all options with the initial purchase of an applicator gun and cartridge. All items in the kit are available individually for future orders or specific needs.

Recommend with initial purchase of gun and cartridge

Accessory Pack Components (Part No. 70080)

QuantityPart No.DescriptionMax Pin Diameter
370013Acrylx™ Mixing Tips, Fine (Blue)
370014Acrylx™ Mixing Tips, Medium (Yellow)
370015Acrylx™ Mixing Tips, Large (Pink)
370016Acrylx™ Mixing Tips, Extra Large (Blue-Green)
370020Acrylx™ Corrugated Tubing, 6mm x 300mm1.1mm (0.045")
370050Acrylx™ Corrugated Tubing, 10mm x 300mm2.0mm (5/64")
570060Acrylx™ 10mm Adapter Plug
570060RAcrylx™ 10mm Solid Plug