Unlike positive profile fixation pins, Duraface® pins have a shaft diameter that is equal to its thread diameter. Thread diameter options are the same as the corresponding Interface® positive profile pin.

Duraface® pins feature a tapered-run-out (TRO) junction of 2-3mm length where the shaft meets the threads that attenuates the otherwise acute nature of the shaft-thread junction. This TRO portion is not designed for application into the bone and is not included as part of the functional thread length. The functional thread length of Duraface® pins is identical to the comparable Interface® positive profle pin.

Duraface® “short” pins do not have an equivalent length version of Interface® pin.

The NP (No-Point) version of Duraface® fixation half-pins feature a truncated, blunt trocar for improved surgeon safety and decreased patient morbidity.

Duraface® fixation half-pins are end-threaded, feature a TRO junction and a single trocar point.  Six diameter choices are available with thread diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 4.8mm.

Duraface® short fixation half-pins are designed to maximize pin stiffness when placing ESF half-pins into shallow bone applications. Type I-b frames applied to the radius are a common example.