SK® starter kits are designed to provide all necessary hardware to construct a reliable frame on a given patient. The selection of clamps, rods, drill bits, drill sleeves and wrenches is identical for each kit option. Available in two kit choices differentiated by pointed or no-point versions.

The mini SK® starter kit is popular for cats, small dogs, avian and exotic patients. The ability to utilize pin diameters from 0.9mm (0.035”) to 2.5mm supports use in many patients that formerly may have been treated using pin and acrylic frames.

The small SK® ESF starter kit is our most popular and versatile ESF starter kit due to the ability of the small SK® clamps to utilize the two most popular ESF pins: 2.0mm/2.5mm, small and medium DuraFace® or Centerface®.

The large SK® ESF starter kit is our most robust fixator and allows very simple frames to function well in medium to large patients. When patients are giant breeds, more complex frame geometry is available as needed.