SK® ESF connecting rods are available in three diameters: mini (3.2mm), small (6.3mm) and large (9.5mm) and correspond to the SK® ESF clamp selected. A variety of rod materials are available.

Available in diameters of 6.3mm for the small SK® ESF clamp and 9.5mm for the large SK® ESF clamp; 50mm length increments.  Carbon fiber rods offer near radiolucency.

Available only in 6.3mm diameter for use with small SK® ESF clamps. Supplied in 50mm increments. The titanium rod offers added strength compared to carbon fiber when using upper pin diameter range and pushing the upper limits of the small SK® ESF frame. 

Available only in 3.2mm diameter for use with mini SK® ESF clamps. Available in 25mm increments from 50mm to 150mm.