Nuts are the most common fastening element of CESF and hybrid ESF frames and are available in 4mm and 6mm thread diameters for mini or standard frames. Within each frame size, nuts are available as a general fastener, to manipulate distraction and compression of CESF frames, or to provide frame adjustability when using hybrid rods. Mini CESF and hybrid frames use nuts with 4mm threads while the standard size circular ESF and hybrid frames use nuts with 6mm threads.

Features a height of 12mm to simplify application of fasteners and components at locations difficult to approach with a wrench. 

Hex nuts are the most basic fastening element used with IMEX® external fixation frames and commonly used on threaded rods, posts, bolts, and other locations.

Used as a mated pair (nut and washer) for adjustment of a hybrid rod or threaded rod angle - approximately 10º range of motion

Designed to be driven with a special double wrench when performing compression, distraction, or bone transport techniques.