A common fastening element of circular ESF and hybrid ESF frames and available in 4mm and 6mm  thread diameters for mini or standard frames. Within each frame size, bolts are available in different lengths and for different functions such as a general fastener, a wire holding bolt, or a pin holding bolt.

The most common, general purpose bolt and also a component of the SK® ESF clamp assembly, hex bolts are available in 4mm and 6mm thread diameters in a variety of lengths. Used for multiple purposes in the construction of hybrid and CESF frames.

Available for mini and standard hybrid ESF and CESF frame use, these bolts are designed to hold fixation wires and small pins to rings. Both slotted and cannulated to simplify capture of wires where they exit at a ring’s surface.

Currently available for standard CESF and hybrid ESF system only. This bolt is designed to anchor traditional half-pins to rings.