Cut ends of fixation pins and IM pins have one thing in common - sharp ends that present a hazard to the surgeon, patient and owners. Daniel Lewis, DVM, DACVS at the University of Florida eliminates this danger with a quick-fix post surgery.

Dan explains, "After trimming fixation pins to proper length, plastic caps are placed on the ends to protect the animal, owner and owner’s furniture from injury or damage by the protruding, roughened end of the pins. Pin caps are available in various diameters and can be trimmed to an appropriate length based on the amount of pin that protrudes beyond the fixation clamp. We use super glue, applying some directly to the surface of the pin and placing some in the recess on the cap, to firmly adhere the cap to the pin (watch video). We have found that application of these caps has greatly diminished the incidence of adverse trauma inflicted by dogs and cats with external fixators."

Editor’s Note: IMEX® autoclavable pin caps can also be used with IM and ESF pins during sterilization and storage to protect sharp points while increasing longevity of pin bags and trays.

Tip submitted by Daniel D. Lewis, DVM, DACVS - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL